Transfer of Domain Name from SeekDotNet to other Domain Registrar

To complete the transfer of your domain to other registrar, please follow the following steps :

  1. Please login to your account at
  2. Please inform the support teamthe email address that you used in the registration process
  3. You may need to create a "Domain secret key" via and this secret key is used to authenticate you that you are a legitimate owner of the domain. You can nominate your own secret key and your new registrar will use it to authenticate you.
  4. Please request your new registrar to send a transfer authorizarion request.
  5. This request will come in the form of email and it will be sent to your email address directly.
  6. You need to approve the transfer and the domain transfer will be completed within 7 days.

If there is a problem in between steps above, the transfer process will be delayed and it can take longer than 7 days. Should you have further questions, please contact our Support Team at

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