How to add SSL to your Website?

You can purchase SSL from our site :

How to Enable SSL on Your Site :

*. Submit CSR information required through the support ticket, We have provided you a form for CSR request below which you need to submit through the ticket manager.

*. When the Certificate has been released by the SSL provider, You may need to purchase custom service add-on for the installation fee and dedicated IP (We will inform you through the ticket later on).

*. We will change your domain's IP to the new dedicated IP through our DNS manager.

*. We will provide the complete data of the SSL installation to you like the new IP address and when the SSL certificate expired.


CSR Request Form :

Requesting CSR for SSL registration :

1. you want to apply the ssl to or only (for wildcard SSL, it's *
2. organization name
3. organizational unit
4. city
5. state/province
6. country


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CSR Request Form

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